Balterio wooden flooring

We stock the full range of Balterio wooden flooring

The wear-resistance is guaranteed by the water resistant surface together with the hard core.

The high-quality HDF core boards can resist sudden impacts from high heels, falling objects and the pressure marks caused by furniture legs.

Cigarette proof
A fallen burning cigarette that is for a few seconds on your Balterio laminate floor won’t leave the slightest trace.

Dimensional stability
The high quality core boards limit the effect of relative humidity on your Balterio laminate floor, in comparison with solid wood or chipboard.
Any small degree of swelling of 1 mm per walking meter is dealt with by means of an expansion joint.

Your Balterio laminate floor can easily withstand scratches from office chairs with soft rubber wheels.
However, to keep sand from scratching your floor, it is best to use a doormat.

A slippery floor constitutes a danger for you and your housemates.
To keep you from falling, our engineers have worked hard to improve slip resistance. Our floors now score 45% better than the norm.

Balterio produces the HDF core boards itself and applies the highest standards regarding swelling and expansion.

Sauce, spaghetti, jam or coffee stains can ruin a carpet or solid parquet floor. With a Balterio floor, stains need not be a disaster.
Even magic markers, lipstick or nail varnish can easily be removed with a drop of acetone on a clean cloth

Quick step wooden flooring

Breakthrough technologies bring astonishingly real looking laminate flooring to customers in search of cheaper home improvement solutions. The collections displayed in this selection of Quick Step laminate flooring reveal realistic wood and stone effect laminates at affordable prices and in a myriad of designs from stone and ceramic to oak, walnut or pine and everything in between.

Bausen wooden flooring

The Bausen range of solid hardwood flooring, offers a wide range of species to tailor make any interior design.  Supplied tongued and grooved with ends matched and 5 layers of UV cured lacquer (The Antique range has 7 coats of UV lacquer) or UV oil based finish to create a closed pore sealed surface, added strength, stability and resistance to moisture.  All boards have a micro bevel profile giving completed floors a consistent joint detail.

Woodpecker wooden flooring

We stock the full range of Woodpecker wooden flooring

Your satisfaction guaranteed with a 25 year warranty

Each Woodpecker floor carries this outstanding reassurance of our confidence that you will not find a better value product anywhere on the market. Your satisfaction depends on our care and attention to detail, such as the careful selection of the trees before they are felled and the way in which the timber is sawn, stacked and dried. In most cases the sawn timber is air dried for over twelve months prior to a 2 stage kilning and dehumidification process to achieve maximum stability. It is then carefully selected for grain pattern, colour variation and knots, to provide the many varied appearances that are available within the Woodpecker range. It is then machined using the latest technologies – in many cases to engineering tolerances that up to a few years ago would have been thought impossible – so we can bring virtual perfection to your floor.

Traditional hand finishing to achieve a timeless elegance

The boards are then put through finishing processes such as lacquering, oiling or antiquing – many of which are carried out by hand using centuries old traditions – for that timeless elegance that only a natural wood floor can bring to your home. Finally it is stored in our extensive warehousing facility where we hold large stocks ready for immediate dispatch to fulfil your requirements. All so that you can enjoy the natural elegance of timeless tradition without delay once you have made your selection. We trust you will experience as much pleasure from your floor as we have had in bringing it to you.

Mr Tomkinson carpets

We carry the full range of Mr Tomkinson carpets


This carpet is so called because the yarn used in its production is “twisted” in the factory. This process ensures that the carpet is hard-wearing and retains its appearance over time.


With this carpet, the yarn is formed into loops rather than straight tufts. This creates a more rustic texture, which is often enhanced by the use of yarn which has a blend of different colours.


This quality is comprised of twisted yarns that remain distinct in the carpet rather than blending together, as seen more clearly in a Twist-type range. The length of the carpet pile tends to be longer than on other types, leading to a more luxurious feel and softness underfoot. However, this can also mean that footprints can remain visible on the surface, so Saxonies are best suited to occasional rooms in the home, such as bedrooms, where the soft texture is most appreciated.

In addition, there are a variety of blends of yarn that can be used to create different visuals for the carpet. The main varieties are:

• Plain: a single colour used to present a solid visual.

• Heather: a mixture of coloured yarn to provide a stippled effect.

• Berber: named after the traditional carpet made by the Berber tribes of North Africa, the yarns used in these blends tend to be more bulky than normal and incorporate small chips of coloured yarn into the main texture of the body.

Jacaranda Carpets

We believe that our carpets are genuinely interesting because of their textures. We admire the slight quirkiness and irregularity that can only be handmade. From our chunky boucles and bold stripes to our smooth, dense, luxurious Heavy Velvet; our carpets and rugs are warm, textural and tactile, but never boring

Louis De Poortere carpets

When Louis De Poortere established in Kortrijk the company, he named after himself, he can rely on the solid experience acquired since 1859 by the family company De Poortere Freres, cloth manufacturers and merchants.
But Louis De Poortere’s innate desire for innovation forces him to explore new horizons.
He starts designing carpets with Oriental patterns which immediately enchant the British market.
Year after year, Louis De Poortere carries on with his innovations: he diversifies his collections, explores new production techniques and multiplies his creations

Gaskell carpets

We stock a large collection of stain resistant carpet and low maintenance carpet. Like all carpet manufacturers, we know that colour is critical when choosing your wool carpet, and our carpet ranges reflect both traditional and contemporary shades

Woodward Grosvenor carpets

Established in 1790, Woodward Grosvenor manufactures and supplies a wide range of high quality wool-rich carpets and plant fibre floorcoverings for the residential market.

A highly skilled team of people ensure Woodward Grosvenor offer quality products that reflect the diversity of today’s styles, spanning prices to meet most budgets.

Telenzo Carpets

Edel Telenzo has been selling carpets in the UK since the 1970s but the company’s roots go back to 1918 when the E de Lange (Edel) and Zoons started to produce rush matting in Genemuiden in Northern Holland.


After the Second World War, rush was replaced by the more hard wearing coir fibre. But by the late 1960s, the company realised that its future lay in finding a niche with the then new technology of tufting and making the most of the growing consumer enthusiasm for wall-to-wall carpeting.

Edel Telenzo Carpets today is part of the Edel International group of companies and is benefiting from the group’s continued investment in research, design, development and production technology and services, producing quality products that are especially made for a demanding market. Great attention is paid to factors such as ease of maintenance, durability, colour fastness and light resistance, anti-static and fire-proof properties.