Measurement and Quotations

We offer a free flooring measurement service and no obligation quote so you plan your budget effectively. Please call into our showroom or contact us if you would like to take advantage.

If you would like to measure your own carpets here is a handy step by step guide.

Measure the maximum length and width at the rooms’ widest points, remembering to measure into the door frame as the carpet or vinyl should end under the door. (5)

Multiply the width measurement by the length measurement to give you an idea of the total square metres required.

All carpet and vinyl prices are per square metre. For example: 2m x 4m = 8m2

Room Measurements

To work out an approximate price take the square metre price e.g. £26.00 and multiply it by your total square metres.

£26.00 x 8m2 = £208.00 of course you will need to add other costs ie underlay, gripper threshold plates if required and fitting for carpet and hardboard for vinyl.

If the room is not a regular shape measure the size of any set backs e.g. Fireplaces or alcoves. This waste may be able to be used for other areas such as stairs or for joins in other rooms, so potentially this waste may save you money on your carpet.

This will also help when planning the most economical way to use the carpet or vinyl, which can be available in different widths.

measure length (1) x width (2)

Important so the correct number of pattern repeats or length is calculated

This is only a guide for your own estimation, please contact us if you require any further help or advice.

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