Mr Tomkinson carpets

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This carpet is so called because the yarn used in its production is “twisted” in the factory. This process ensures that the carpet is hard-wearing and retains its appearance over time.


With this carpet, the yarn is formed into loops rather than straight tufts. This creates a more rustic texture, which is often enhanced by the use of yarn which has a blend of different colours.


This quality is comprised of twisted yarns that remain distinct in the carpet rather than blending together, as seen more clearly in a Twist-type range. The length of the carpet pile tends to be longer than on other types, leading to a more luxurious feel and softness underfoot. However, this can also mean that footprints can remain visible on the surface, so Saxonies are best suited to occasional rooms in the home, such as bedrooms, where the soft texture is most appreciated.

In addition, there are a variety of blends of yarn that can be used to create different visuals for the carpet. The main varieties are:

• Plain: a single colour used to present a solid visual.

• Heather: a mixture of coloured yarn to provide a stippled effect.

• Berber: named after the traditional carpet made by the Berber tribes of North Africa, the yarns used in these blends tend to be more bulky than normal and incorporate small chips of coloured yarn into the main texture of the body.